Browser ActionsPersonal 1-Year Upgrade License€15Purchase license
Personal Lifetime License€45Purchase license
Commercial 1-Year Upgrade License€30Purchase license
Actions For ObsidianPersonal, Family, and Commercial licenses availablePurchase in App Store

What’s the difference between Personal and Commercial licenses?

I want to make sure that my apps are affordable for everyone, so I offer two types of licenses:

  • If you’re an individual and want to use my apps for personal use, get a Personal License.
  • If you plan on using my apps for revenue-generating or work-related activities within a for‑profit company, you need a Commercial License. (They look great on an expense report!)

How does the 1-Year Upgrade License work?

Any new version of the purchased app released within 12 months of your purchase will be available to you, free of charge.

When your Upgrade Plan expires, your license will continue to work with the latest version of the app that you received. You can renew your Upgrade Plan at any time to resume getting new updates for another 12 months — or renew your Upgrade Plan ahead of time (extending your expiration date by 12 months) to always be up to date.

What’s a Lifetime license?

An app’s Lifetime license is valid forever. You’ll get all the app’s updates for free.

However: Please keep in mind that I can’t predict the future, and I might stop developing the app at some point, for technical or personal reasons. For example, a future macOS/iOS update might sunset APIs that the app relies on, or I might decide to focus on other projects.

Do you offer refunds?

Please see my refund policy.