Who said, “You can't teach an old app new tricks”?

Hi, I'm Carlo. I create productivity tools for macOS & iOS that add Shortcuts automation features to apps that need them. My goal is to make what you are already using work even better for you.

A stylized macOS window with red, yellow, and green blobs of color oozing out

Free & Open-Source Stuff

It's not all apps, though. Here are some of my current projects.

Actions URI

An Obsidian plugin that adds additional x-callback-url endpoints to the app for common actions — it's a clean, super-charged addition to Obsidian URI.

Apple Developer System Status feeds

Unofficial Mastodon, Bluesky, and RSS feeds that distribute updates published on Apple's System Status and Developer System Status pages.

Blockquote Levels

An Obsidian plugin that adds commands for increasing/decreasing the blockquote level of the current line or selection(s).

Copy Search URL

An Obsidian plugin that adds a menu entry to its search view for copying the Obsidian search URL.


A simple proxy plugin for console.*() calls in Obsidian which copies log messages and uncaught exceptions to a note. Mainly aimed at plugin developers and their customers.


An Obsidian plugin that ensures each note occupies only one tab. If a note is already open, its existing tab will be focussed instead of opening the same file in the current tab. Works for opening notes via links, menus, hotkeys.