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Well-rounded macOS Shortcuts support for Brave Browser, Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi. And for Safari.

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Currently in development for macOS 13.3 and later. Public beta starting soon!

App icon New Shortcuts Actions. Just BYOB*.

*) Bring Your Own Browser

Unified Browser Handling

All new Shortcuts actions work the same for all supported browsers. Switching browsers? No need to rebuild your Browser Actions-powered workflows: Just tell them which other browser to use. Easy.

Browser Tabs

Browser Windows

More to come

This is what I have implemented so far. And I'm not done yet, not by a long shot! My roadmap document has a lot of unchecked boxes still.

Do you have ideas for additional actions? Then head on over to the ActionsDotWork forum and let's talk!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this app exist?

I spend my days in my browsers. I also automate a lot of things using the built-in macOS Shortcuts automation system, but Chrome etc. lacks support for Shortcuts. Getting data out of these browsers usually requires either software development and scripting experience, or the use of external tools and services. I wanted to change that, to remove that external step, and so Browser Actions was born.

Will there be an iOS version?

Unfortunately, no. Browser Actions relies on technology that's simply not available on iOS, I'm afraid.

Does it support Firefox?

No, it currently does not. Browser Actions relies on AppleScript support in its target browsers, which sadly was removed from Firefox a long time ago. That being said, I'm not ruling out the possibility of me adding Firefox support to Browser Actions in the future; it depends on the number, size and shapes of burning hoops I'd have to jump through to make it happen. 😉

What about Arc Browser?

I'll have to look into Arc's scripting support before making any promises because from what I can tell at a glance, it differs a lot from the other browsers — but that's on my post-launch to-do list!

What's the pricing model?

I'm not ready to go into details yet, but I can tell you that it will be a one-time purchase for personal/family use, while commercial use will require a subscription. ("Commercial use" refers to using the app for revenue-generating or work-related activities within a for-profit company or organization.)

And just like with Actions For Obsidian, there will be a lengthy trial period.

Safari already has Shortcuts support. Why do I need this?

One major goal is to provide a unified interface to the supported browsers, and I'd be remiss to exclude Safari. And most actions will behave the same in every supported browser. If you want to switch browsers at some point, you'll just need to select the new browser in your Shortcuts workflows, you won't need to rebuild them.

Another goal is to give you powerful yet convenient Shortcuts support. As an example: Have you ever tried to submit a form in Safari, from Shortcuts? It can be done, but convenient it is not. 😉

Browser Actions also adds support for creating and identifying private browser windows.

Couldn't I just use AppleScript instead?

Of course you could, and in fact that's one of the technologies Browser Actions uses under the hood. Being one of Apple's more baffling inventions, AS is not exactly known for its ease of use or exhilarating developer experience, though. 😅

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