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Use macOS Shortcuts to control any app that has menus, buttons, or accepts keyboard input.

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Currently in development for macOS 13.3 and later. Download Public beta and check the beta forum

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*) Bring Your Own Apps

UI Actions is a utility Shortcuts app. It lets you control any app that has menus, buttons, or accepts keyboard input. If you wish your favourite app had any Shortcuts support, so you could just automate the things you do manually again and again, then UI Actions might be for you.

You can show or select menus and menu items, click buttons, simulate typing on your keyboard, and key presses with modifiers (like Cmd, Opt, Shift, and Ctrl).

But this is just the bare minimum to get the beta started. I have a number of tasks on my todo list for UI actions, but I also want to get some user input first. No point in building something nobody wants, right? 😉

Do you have ideas for additional actions? Then head on over to the ActionsDotWork forum and let's discuss them!


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A place to discuss your Shortcuts workflows. You can also ask questions, share your ideas and report bugs. Lots of friendly people there.

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